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Clara Lieu, Visual Artist


This project presents the most severe form of isolation as loneliness that is experienced when physically surrounded by other people. This is a specific form of loneliness that is involuntary and imposed upon by others, creating a state of discontent characterized by bitterness and a sense of punishment. The presence of others is what can heighten and intensify the experience of loneliness for an individual.  These works depict figure groups wading in an infinite and undefined body of water.  I visually portray loneliness as the experience of feeling unseen and unknown within a group.

Crayon Drawings

Crayon Studies

Ink Drawings


Profile, Lois Tarlow, Art New England

Seeing Through the Figure, Martha J. McNamara

Calculated Risks, Davis Museum

Unseen & Unknown, Bromfield Gallery

Where Are We? Chazan Gallery

Arrivals/Departure, Jewett Gallery